Sydney Observatory

Watson Rd, The Rocks NSW 2000


One of those places that really surprises you and makes you wish that you should have visited earlier! I went here for a random visit as I bought tickets for a night tour, only costing for adults a price of $18. I remember seeing this building as a drove towards the Harbour Bridge, but I never knew that this place was the place to see and learn some extraordinary information about outer space.



To observatory is located on top of a very high hill, where you can see a great view on one side of the city, it is so relaxing. Which I think is also a great location because you can see the sky much clearer. That night though it was a bit cloudy, but we got to still see some great stars!

It is not a large building, so most things inside were compacted only showing significant artefacts and photos.













So for the start of the tour, the group I was in headed firstly up two stairs into a dome room which contained a telescope in it. It was my first time to actually be in one of those rooms! What I saw that night was so unforgettable… Being able to see Mars and Saturn was so AMAZING!! You can practically see the whole planet of each, and the rings around Saturn was so beautiful. I was just awe struck.


Afterwards, we headed into a room where the tour guide gave us a mini-lecture of planets, stars, galaxies and how small we are compared to everything out there. What I loved was the fact that we are all made of “Star Stuff”. It was all educational that night but most of all an unforgettable experience and it was so much fun!

I might visit during the day sometime, but I think you would get the best effect at night.

RATE: 5/5 

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