Rib Runner

Shop 5/14 Sunnyholt Rd, Blacktown

Since there wasn’t any good food at home, I chose to eat take-away food instead! Rib Runner is Mexican influenced with a menu that offers a wide selection of pizza types. Delivery was for free in the area, and it arrived about 30 minutes later, freshly cooked!


I chose the ‘Rib and Pizza Deal’ for $30.95, which included the following:


Supreme traditional pizza – The toppings were compacted with perfect amount of tomato sauce and sweet melted cheese. In terms of density, it was not overcooked making it easy to bite through.


Pork ribs – I wouldn’t  say that this was the best, but since I was really hungry I practically wolfed it down haha. Some bits of the ribs were burnt but on the bright side, the sauce was a fantastic! The meat teared off the bone beautifully.


Potato, Corn, Sour Cream – I couldn’t stop laughing at this because it was so random! I though when they said potato and corn, I thought it was some kind of sauce flavour. Very weird items.

This is more like a comfort feed, when you have nothing to eat from the refrigerator.

RATE: 2/5 

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