Nude by Nature



For the past months I have been using Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser and wanted switch to a BB Cream. I’ve been trying to find a perfect one, that has great coverage, was not heavy on the skin and blended well on my skin. Which this BB cream does beautifully! It is blended with natural sunscreen, that does not make you look ghost white and gives you protection against the sun. It also hydrates, corrects, perfects, protects and provides a natural radiance , softening your skin.

Comes in Light, Medium and Dark.

RATE: 3/5


I’m not a makeup guru, so I’ve been asking around what the steps are to apply makeup and I heard that you firstly should put primer on your face, to give your makeup a long-lasting application. This primer, not only does it smell sweet, it is also very light-weight and helps lock your pores. The main ingredients used are papaw, vitamin E and green tea that nourishes and protects your skin. I’m in love with this primer!

RATE: 4/5


I wanted to buy a new eyeliner, that was waterproof because the other one I was using kept smudging. Easy grip, with an ultra-fine 0.4mm brush tip, which I was surprised to see as I’ve been using a much larger brush. The thin brush was so much easier to use and allowed more creativity when using it. Though the only downfall I would say is that, it does not last very long.

RATE: 2/5

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