“Nina knew the power of black and white images. Sometimes a thing was its truest self when the colors were stripped away.”


Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah

As young children, Meredith and Nina Whitson grew up listening to a fairytale told effortlessly by their distant and disapproving mother, Anya. When their beloved father dies, the only connection they have with their mother is the Russian fairytale. What the daughters find out is that the fairytale told by their mother, is more than a bedtime story, but a secret that will define the very foundation of their family history.

The first half of this novel, I had to be very patient as it tended to move quite slowly. The first half gave the introduction of the sisters and how different they were from each other, but most importantly it illustrates the relationship they had with their mother compared to their father. Kristen illustrated the mother and daughter relationship powerfully as I got to see the struggles the daughters had with trying to bridge a connection with their mother, numerous times, but with little results.

The second half of the novel got more emotional and at the same time more thrilling, as little by little the mother opens up more of her history to her daughters. The ending was not what I expected, and so bonus points for this novel. There are a lot of present and past texts and it falls beautifully together, making it an enjoyable and fantastic read.


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