EB Games Expo

Such a long day!


Scored two tickets to entry the EB Games Expo 2013! Thank you to those individuals 🙂 I was really stoked that me and my partner was able to attend it, I was a bit tight with my budget and so receiving two FREE tickets just made me ecstatic! We arrived at 6 which gave us enough time to roam around until 9pm. 4 hours was enough to check out the latest games and softwares, eat as well as seeing the expo’s firework display!


When we first entered, I wanted to head straight to the Sims section and there it was conveniently close to the entry! AND IT WAS SIMS4! I didn’t get to play around because the line was too long, but I saw that they gave individuals an opportunity to see what new features it had in regards to the creation/making of Sims4. I’m not a big fan of the new look of the Sims4 but it may grow on me once I start playing it. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get to play around and get a Sims headband which had the green diamond on top.


So now it’s going to be a stream of pictures…







They also featured really OLD consoles, like back in the 80s it was so weird to see what they offered before, I miss the graphics before it was easier on the eyes.






20131005_190759_resizedPotato Chips on Stick $5 – Lemon and Pepper


This amazing painting was painted by this talented man (should of asked his name) which will be auctioned off and given to charity.

It was cool to be in an environment with people who was also gamers like myself be concentrated in one event. There was talks going on, people who has created games had their own section to showcase their games and let others try it, new and upcoming games, top selling gaming consoles and soft-wares and so much more! Check out the event because it only runs for a few days.

RATE: 4/5

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