3 Years Anniversary

Was the best! What we both planned was things we both wanted to try, plus it was new activities we have not done before.  Though the original plan didn’t all follow through, we still had a great time and had the best feeling afterwards.

The main things we did was:

1. Bush hike at Wentworth Falls

2. Sparadise

3. Sydney Observatory

I’ll explain what we did in those places in another post.

But getting to the first moments of our anniversary, my partner gave me the most wonderful, special, surprising and thoughtful gift… He named a star after me! He chose a star in the Pavo constellation, he chose this constellation because peacocks is my favourite animal. I absolutely loved it! I did not see this coming, he also placed the papers in a frame.


It came through mail, and within this clear envelope  contained the certificate, picture and other useful information.


Pavo constellation and that tiny red circle you see locates my star!


Formal certificate


The cutest, most sweetest message given along with the gift. It really means a lot to me.


Beats my present any day! I recommend this gift to others, or you may even like to just name a star for yourself, as it is long lasting and it’s one of those ‘out-of-the-box’ things. Very romantic.

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