“The wolves knew when it was time to stop looking for what they’d lost, to focus instead on what was yet to come.”


LONE WOLF – Jodi Picoult

After a night of a tragic accident, Cara and Edward’s father Luke, who is a famous wolf researcher is left in the hands of a NH Hospital as he lies comatose. Once all separated from each other due to family secrets, they are all forced to come together to make one decision that will affect all their lives.

As Luke’s chances of recovery decreases, they are all faced with medical and moral choices. Which sibling has the right to decide the fate of their father?

I found this novel really insightful, and what I mean’t by that is that compared to other novels I have currently read from Jodi Picoult, this gave great information on wolves. Mind you, I have always thought dogs and wolves are the same just wolves were more wild. Guess I was reeaaallly wrong hahaha.

The structure of this novel is similar to her other novels, where each character had their own sections so it allows us, the readers, to gain a better understanding with the characters. Thus, us not being biased with just one character. While the characters were given a chance to speak their minds, informative facts were given about wolves and how they were linked to Luke. This allows us to not only understand wolves better, but also see the differences and similarities between humans and wolves, thus understanding why Luke chose to incorporate himself to a pack.

As I read on, I understood why Luke found it easier to live with the wolves. Us humans, we generate lies, revenge, selfishness, just basically lack to structure and discipline. Whereas, Luke living with the wolves found it much more structured and found more respect. As Luke found it easier to live with wolves, he found it difficult to socialize with humans and more specifically with his own pack, his human family.

This was a great novel, where many issues were being shown, such as family conflicts and the fine line of revenge and forgiveness. But what I learn’t is that no matter how much you hate one person, the flip-side is always love, one cannot understand without feeling the other.


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