The Sunday Wife

THE SUNDAY WIFE by Cassandra King

Centred on a Methodist wife, Dean Lynch encounters the many challenges of being a spouse of a minister. These demands   grow when she and her husband move to a larger community where the town’s people keeps a close eye on her performance as a preacher’s wife. Everything changes when she befriends Augusta Holderfield, whom she learns independence from as well as looking at her beliefs from another angle.

I have read this novel a while back now, and from what I can remember this book was quite a long read. When I say a ‘long read’ I mean that it took me a while to get ‘hooked’ into it, though towards the ending it got a bit interesting. The Sunday Wife explores the journey of a preacher’s wife towards independence and the struggles of achieve it, as she is faced with judgemental glances from her religious congregation.  Through her journey we see her struggles with her identity, with the help of her new best friend. This novel was predictable in some parts, but overall it was a novel with deep relationships and was fairly an easy read, in terms with its storyline.

RATE: 6/10

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