Little Lamb Hot Pot

52 Dixon St Haymarket, NSW 2000


I bought a deal from groupon which allowed me and my partner to “All-you-can-eat hot pot and beer for two” all for $39! I think it cost twice as much without the voucher, so score! I was craving for a hot pot actually since the last time I had one was… man a while back.

So you had to go up the stairs which leads you into a small looking place, with yellow chairs and various sizes of tables with the ingredients in the middle, sectioning off the seafood items as they costed extra.


Oh no I forgot to take a picture of the layout of the place, anyways firstly I had a bad impression of the restaurant from the wait staff, basically there were just two and the one how was showing me around I think couldn’t speak english well or was shy or was just too soft-spoken? It’s either one of those three or all. I had mixed feelings about their ingredients, though they did provide over 60 to choose from (prawn, dumplings, beef rolls, fish fillet, lamb rolls, vegetables, etc).


We chose the normal pot, but you can choose from the selection of spicy hot or sections of different flavors which I found preety cool. But I wanted to play safe and chose the normal hot pot. The hot pot smell reminded me a lot like the fragrance used in spa treatments.




Our hot pot, looks very colour-less and I swear everything tasted like tofu! My partner forgot to take some meat haha that’s why it looks so plain.



Overall, a good place to just casually have lunch, because if you chose the eat-all-you-can option you would be soooo bloated! I would recommend for them to just have a wider selection of Asian beers maybe, and better wait service.

RATE: 2/5

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