I’m an avid fan of planning, and more specifically planning what I want and need to do for my future. Right now it is 3AM in the morning, was supposed to be starting my Hospitality Operations assignment but I wanted to work on my blog, updating and thinking of ways to make this site interesting 🙂 I was thinking of getting a new layout, maybe more mature looking but at the same time containing my personality in its looks.

Going back to the main point, basically I like to plan ahead it keeps me motivated and helps me reduce procrastination and gives me meaning. Right now I am stuck in my studies, and I just want to graduate already, move out and explore the world. Being tied down in my studies does not allow me to have all the freedom in what I actually want to do. I guess my main goal now is to graduate and then find a stable income so I can find a nice apartment, get my p-license, go to America for my 25th birthday! So many things to do. My other set back is not having a stable income, right now I’m currently working at Daiso, a big change from the hospitality industry but I find that this will be much relaxing and will allow me to have enough time to study and get good grades in my studies.

My dream is to move out with my partner, in a nice two-story house that has a stunning view of an ocean or lake which I can wake up to and on my days off work I can sit on my white plush sofa and read all day, having a wide selection of teas right next to me. THE LIFE. Owning two huskies with blue eyes, one pure black and pure white. Wearing my PJs and hair down. All the windows open, letting the fresh cool breeze surround the house just hearing the soft crashes of waves, which lulls me to an afternoon nap.



Yes, that’s my ultimate dream, and the other is that I get my dream job working as a flight stewardess which will allow me to visit exotic places around the world. Oh the benefits of having that as a career!

But right now, I have keep telling myself to keep pushing myself, try harder, to not slack off and give 100% of everything I’ve got to the right things that will benefit me. To not get distracted with things or people who will put me down, to not take heed from those who have no substance and just care for those who care about me. I have to remember to be wiser in my decisions.

Lastly, I’m going to take better control of my life and try to use stress as a useful tool! From the epic words of Dory “Just keep swimming”.

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