Honestly, this week has gone so slow but at the same time I feel like I didn’t get enough time to finish and study everything I needed to!? So weird right…

I tried the White Chocolate Mocha Frappe and I loved it, it tasted a lot like caramel. My partner got the first order wrong, so we went back to get the one I wanted haha I get in a bad mood if I don’t get exactly want I wanted.


In other news, I’m really full from a brunch I had this morning and so I will post about it maybe later tonight when I have the time. It was such a beautiful day in Sydney, the sun was out and there was a breeze, though I should’ve worn shorts because the wind kept moving my dress. I’ve been cooped up at home because of university commitments, and so being out in the sun was such a lovely change!

Also this week, one of the girls in my group assignment bought a pack of gumballs for a guessing game to raise funds for a charity night we are organising!


I’ll put another post up about the charity so if any of you lovely people are in the area come along, it’s for a great cause and after a hard working week I know you all would like to have a drink and win some prizes 😀 !

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