I feel like applying to become a flight attendant is like applying to become a model, not that I have applied to become a model, but grooming standards all that other packages you need to have reminds me so much like it. Well it’s needed I guess because you need to have great hygiene and grooming standards when you’re flying, which in turn projects a positive and healthy image onto your fellow flight passengers.

Recently, I have applied once again to openings and this Saturday there’s an opening for Emirates in Sydney. I’m really keen to go but at the same time I’am intimidated on the idea that so many people are going to attend, resulting with me not having any ‘shine’ time. PLUS the requirement I think to reach on tiptoe, reaching 210cms… man the stress!

What I love about Emirates, is that they are very unique and hard-working they all seem to love their job! Honestly, I want to be surrounded in that environment. Their assessment and training seems really intense, like travelling all the way to Dubai where it’s multicultural plus everything I think is tax-free! Their grooming is top-notch with their bright red lips and professional uniform. It’s like a 5-star hotel flying, if you get what I mean :/

Anyways, I don’t know if I should go… but it is my ultimate dream airline!

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