Chef’s Gallery

Shop 12 Ground Floor Regent Place/501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

When you first enter this restaurant, you are welcomed with a “Welcome” which is then followed by “Ni Hao” by the waiters. This greeting goes well in hand with the Chinese-influenced establishment, letting you at once what type of restaurant you are in. You are faced with warm colours such as red, brown, black and gold, the main colours found in Chinese restaurants. It is quite large, seating to about 100+ customers and also shows the kitchen behind clear glass windows. It was interesting seeing the chefs working on the noodles and I remember seeing one chef who looked quite bored hahaha. The atmosphere was lively, with a constant customer flow, I came here during lunch, and the customers were majority of Chinese background.

From what I can remember there were about 10 wait staffs on the floor as the establishment had numerous customers, and I think they were quite attentive for this type of restaurant. They were quick to clean and the lady who served me and my boyfriend did a decent job recommending what items to try.

I really like menus that has pictures to illustrate the menu items, helps me a lot. With this menu it had pictures to help. They offered a wide selection of items (noodle, rice, dumplings, sweets, soups) and a seasonal winter menu, with medium-scaled prices. We bought numerous dishes staying in-between my desired budget.


Chef’s own handmade egg and spinach tofu ($12.90) – Lightly pan fried, topped with preserved vegetables. I liked the contrast of texture, at the bottom is was jelly-like and on the top it was of rough texture.


BBQ Delight ($15.90) – I loved the Cantonese style roast duck on the right, it was extremely soft and paired well with the BBQ pork.


Wok fried medium grain rice with diced roast duck with a hint of dried mandarin peel ($13.90) – I think in my opinion this was nothing special


Zha Jiang Noodle ($11.90) – noodles with finely minced pork sauce.


Steamed Dim Sim Sampling Plate ($13.90) – Prawn dumpling, colourful mixed vegetable dumpling, chicken and prawn shui mai, spicy prawn dumpling (I didn’t try this), steamed sticky rice dumpling with diced pork sausage and dried shimp, char shui bao (bbq pork buns).


Ginger Tea ($6.90) – I took a sip out of this and coughed straightaway haha, the flavouring was so intense! ( minimizes symptoms of common cold,  allergies, and other respiratory conditions)


Chrysanthemum, rose bulbs and goji berry tea ($6.90) – This is what I ordered and I absolutely loved it! It smelled a lot like fresh flowers and other plant things. I was really digging the cups, a cup within a cup, making it immediately cool to touch.


Banana Pancake ($6.90) – We wanted to order the mango pancake but it wasn’t in season. The pancake surrounding the banana inside was thick making it quite filling. It wasn’t too sweet and it was quite tasty.


Black sesame ice cream ($7.90) – If only this came in a bigger bowl! I couldn’t stop eating this, I liked it more than the pancake. I’ve never tried black sesame flavoured ice cream before and this gave me a good taste introduction. It was too sweet as the red bean paste, steamed pearl dumplings and black sesame powder on top allowed a well-balanced dessert.

I would definitely go back to this place… and get more black sesame ice cream!

RATE: 4/5

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