Photo on 31-10-13 at 6.11 PM #2

Had my last class today at uni! Finished for this semester yay now I’ve got to study for finals but… there’s like hardly anytime for me to study since I’ve got work boo! So many happy things at the moment, especially when it came to my scholarship funds 🙂 late but it has currently saved me from my drained money supply.

Just finished my first official shift at work, and I’m kind of having mixed feelings working in retail. I miss working hard, like retail is hard, but carrying plates and serving food/beverages was much tougher for me and kept my mind busy all the time. Instead working for this company, I feel that it was just plain tiring. There was no set jobs to do, kept walking and restocking and just handing out baskets. Not my thing… but I’m going to try and commit to it until I find my perfect job. I also went for another interview today, as a receptionist for a medical centre, hopefully I get that as well so that I get a mix in my weeks during the holidays. I don’t care for the money, I really want experience as a receptionist so hopefully I can work in front desk at a hotel.

So far, things are going ok just got to stick to things and get things done 🙂 But now I can finally get things I want since there’s a flow of funds.



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