The Australian Coffee School

5/250 Pitt St  Sydney NSW 2000

A few days ago, I booked myself a class on making coffee because I wanted to work as a barista. So I hoped onto Groupon and got myself a deal, I forgot the price but I got to learn the basics of coffee making and how to use the machine. It went for 3 hours and there was also a separate class later that evening where the teacher taught the students how to create latte art. Though I had class later that evening so I just chose the morning class.

It was situated in a small room, with a few machines and a small square table in the middle. The teacher was friendly, but I thought she would go more in depth on the making, since I shared with her she didn’t really give me enough time to use the machine… I got the gist of it but I would say I need more practice and honestly I forgot how much expresso you need in what type of coffee.


This is  the only photo I took on the day, and she taught has a layering latte which looked cool but it had to much milk for my liking.

Overall, since I got it for a cheap price so it was ok but only if they gave more practice time and focused a lot more on the students. The hard part for me especially was foaming the milk! I got burnt during the process haha. I might look for another course to take or just buy myself a small coffee machine to play on.

RATE: 2/5

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