N2 Extreme Gelato

43/1 Dixon St Sydney, NSW 2000


This stuff is amazing! Smooth and everything a gelato should be, though I must warn you it is not healthy at all. The operation uses full cream dairy but incorporates fresh real fruit and lovely herbs that keeps you coming back for more. The price was a bit pricey, about $6-8 a scoop but you get a small tub that is enough.

I remember seeing how this was made through Master Chef Australia, and to see it first hand was very entertaining as you wait for your tub to be made. It really did look like a science lab!



 I liked how the staff wore science lab clothings, white cloaks and glasses.


I’m sorry for the bad shot, but back there is their menu showing a moderate amount of gelato flavours.


This is what I ordered, a very weird looking but surprisingly yummy gelato… De-constructed Pavlova Gelato! Those weird looking tubes you see holds lime, caramel, passionfruit and I think that’s strawberry. On top of the gelato is full cream and you had to squeeze each tubes so it spreads all over the gelato. My personal favourite was the lime and caramel, that taste was fresh and sweet. The gelato itself, was delicious! $8

Give this place a try if you are around the place, I think you can find a place like this in Melbourne as well.

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