Conservation Hut

Fletcher St, Wentworth Falls NSW 2780 


A very late post of this place, better late than never! Located at Wentworth Falls this restaurant is beautifully placed where the eatery is situated at a cliff’s edge. I went early in the morning before my bush walk, and it was just so refreshing as the air was sweet smelling and the people inside just had a sense of calmness.


This picture didn’t do any justice to the clear skies, but it was spectacular. I was seated near the fire place and I think if you head there during a dinner service in winter it would feel comfy.




The interior was simple, their service was relaxed but very friendly. There was also free water offered at a side of the hut.


As you can see it is a relaxed type of restaurant, a perfect compliment to its surroundings.


Their menu offers a wide range from healthy, hearty breakfasts, lunch, snacks, coffees and dinner services where you can see a lovely view of the sunset while you dine. Their price range was 20+ which is a good price for them since tourists are the ones who regularly visit.


My partner enjoying his I think it was fresh bananas!


Smoked Trout Hash $16.50 – I liked how they cooked a potato hash with smoked trout! It tasted delicious and very healthy. The egg on top added more flavour over the trout, a devilish blend.  It’s surrounded by basil and lemon oil.


Chorizo Sausage $4.50


Organic Muesli $9.50 – I opt for a traditional, healthy breakfast that included fresh fruits and natural yoghurt. I didn’t want to be bloated for the rest of the day. It was soo nice!

I’m definitely going back, maybe during dinner time to see the sunset.

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