Won Jo

33a The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135

Located near the station, Won Jo BBQ is one of the many Asian eatery places offered. I was a bit reluctant to enter this restaurant as it didn’t seem to offer anything different. But I was really hungry and wanted to again try cooking my own meat. So me and my boyfriend entered and was surprised at how packed the place was, but I had to consider that the layout of the restaurant was quite small.

After looking through the menu, we chose the Combination Meat $45 (chicken, beef, pork, ribs) so we can just taste it all. As for the sides we ordered two small bowls of rice. I was expecting maybe we would need to order another bowl later on, but we didn’t end up getting another as we could hardly finish all the meat, which made me really full! Luckily we finished it all.

Hands on cooking is fun if you haven’t tried the Korean way. It is commonly done with Korean cuisines, making it more interactive and you can cook the meat to your tasting. There’s also side dishes that compliments the meal, which is similar to an entree.

If you’re looking for just a casual place to eat on a cold night, then this place would be great! Though the menu didn’t offer a lot of options it was still good because the prices were average and it made me full. The service was efficient and friendly, though the space within the place might annoy you because the area is too small.

RATE: 7/10

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